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TRANSMAT at the 2nd Edition of IHC SUMMER SCHOOL 2022

Palace of Vimioso – Universidade de Évora | September 16-17, 2022

On the 16th and 17th of September, the 2nd Edition of the IHC Summer School 2022 took place at the University of Évora (Palace of Vimioso), this year under the theme “Museums today: From the collections of the past to the collections of the future”. The event coordinated by Rita Luís, Elisabete Pereira and Quintino Lopes featured plenary lectures by Mark Thurner (University of London, FLACSO), Guido Gryseels (Royal Museum for Central Africa) and António Pinto Ribeiro (CES-University of Coimbra), two rounds with several researchers and museologists and a panel dedicated to the museum as an object of investigation. In this context, Elisabete Pereira, Liliana Caldeira and Maria Figueira presented the communication «The TRANSMAT project: research of origins in the ethnographic collections of archeology museums». The Summer School IHC program also included a guided tour of the Historic Center of Évora and of the Frei Manuel do Cenáculo National Museum.