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TRANSMAT team project meeting

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Senate Room of Colégio Espírito Santo – University of Évora | September 28, 2021

The first working meeting of the TRANSMAT project team of researchers and consultants took place on September 28, 2021. The project’s consultants, researchers and fellows were present at this meeting, as well as the representation of the two partner institutions, the National Museum of Archeology and the Santos Rocha Municipal Museum. The research work carried out by Research Initiation Scholars (BII) within the scope of the “Summer with Science” initiative of the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT) was presented.

The results of this first research work of the project were debated and the next phases of work were projected, where two new research grant holders will, for 18 months, document the transnational collections of the Museu Nacional de Arqueologia and the Museu Municipal Santos Rocha.